Think Tank New Member Spotlight- May

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Meet Amanda Blake Soule!  Amanda and her team joined Think Tank this month, setting up space for the editorial side of Taproot Magazine.
Think Tank:  Tell us more about Taproot and its evolution?
Amanda: I began writing a blog ( thirteen years ago, when my children were still quite small (and most not yet born).  That led to writing three books (a fourth will be released this fall) on family, creativity and seasonal living. Looking for a collaborative creative print project to work on, I partnered with some business friends in Vermont to start Taproot Magazine six years ago. Taproot is a quarterly, ad-free print publication, focusing on the topics of food, farm, family and craft. We share our stories through art, photography, poetry and personal narrative. We've grown consistently over those years, are distributed internationally now, and have a growing subscriber base that supports us. We are excited to be making the leap to 6 issues per year in 2018! (Print really isn't dead!)
Think Tank: What do you do when your not curating and editing Taproot?
Amanda: I can most happily be found about 45 minutes outside of Portland where I live with my husband and five children (ages 5-16) in a 200-year-old farmhouse. There we have a small homestead with fiber sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, goats and whatever else my children convince us to add. I keep a large garden that feeds us well into the winter, and it's in that spot that I like to spend as much time as possible especially this time of year (growing more flowers than perhaps is practical). 
Think Tank:  What brought you here, to Think Tank?
Amanda: For years now, I've been working in and around the spaces I could fit into my days mothering our five children. As they've grown, so has my need for more space and time for my own work. And for a magazine who cares so much about place and community, we have been missing having either of those things to engage in. We are happy for our editorial team to have found that in Portland, and within the great walls of ThinkTank. We look forward to meeting fellow business owners, and creative folk - do stop by to say hello and grab a copy of our latest issue! 


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