COVID-19 and Coworking

Yes, we are open to new and existing members - and practicing social distancing!


The State of Maine has issued declarations aimed at mitigating social contact and the spread of COVID-19. While Coworking is not an "essential business" in and of itself, we are functionally a private office to our membership. If you are a Think Tank Coworking member, it is fully legal and at your personal discretion to use the space during this time, consistent with State guidelines and orders.


Also please note, we are not public-facing, hosting any events, meetups, conferences or parties in this time.  Think Tank is strictly functioning as private office space to its tenants during this period of mandated quarantine.

Best Practice

We are cleaning the facility daily and encourage members to make use of the space so long as they take extra precautions to keep the space clean - wiping down any desk surfaces or work stations before and after use. We have some wipes and sanitizer, etc but please bring your own as you would to the grocery store. We don't want to run out!